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BRE Customer Service: A+ in my book!


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Just wanted to share a quick story of my recent experience with Brock Racing Enterprises. I ordered 3 of their medium size long sleeve shirts a few weeks ago. I was careful not to wash or dry them at too high of a temp but they shrunk down a full size, to the point they were too tight in my chest and shoulders. I emailed BRE about it asking if anyone had reported the same experience and if there was anything they could do for me. Alison promptly wrote me back letting me know they had not heard of anyone else having this experience but was disappointed to hear what happened to me. She asked if I sent the shirts back she would give me 50% off some large shirts and ship them to me. This came as a total surprise as I was willing and ready to donate the shirts and buy some new ones at the regular price. I recieved the shirts yesterday and carefully washed them today. They were too big when they arrived but after a wash and dry they are now the perfect size, fit great, and even the wife said it looked good on me. It is very refreshing and satisfying to see there are still companies out there that work to make their customers truly happy with their product. Needless to say I will be buying some more items from BRE in the future.

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I've found that when ordering shirts and jackets you always need to ask what they are made of. If it is a synthetic fiber, order the size that fits you. If it is more than 50% natural fiber, order one size too large or you will be disappointed by the third wash.

It always seems to matter to me more when it pertains to car related clothing.

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