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Rear Hatch Weatherstrip


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I've moved to the rear hatch with my weathstrip project. I bought the MSA weatherstrip and I want to be sure that I am putting this stuff on correctly. I have put some pictures in here to help what I'm trying to do . .

This one shows the actual top outer piece from MSA. It has a circle running around the entire thing. And it has 2 places where you COULD put the stitch welding into.


Here I show putting the skinnier but stronger/grippier part of the weatherstrip onto the stitch weld. This feels right, but I just want to be sure before I put on the cement to hold it.


Here is the outer WS that goes on the same seam as the previous one, but it just runs from the bottom up to the previous one. I feel like the pinched part should be put on the stitch weld, and the longer part should point towards the actual fender to create a sort of 'channel' for the water to flow down.


Finally you have the inner WS. This has a flap that seems to grip to the stitch weld. I just want to make sure that I have it on correct. You can see my finger moving the flap outward in this pic.


Here I've put in on with the flap on the stitch, with the rest pointing OUT towards the fender.



Final question, what is the best way to put this on? Should I run a bead along the stitch weld, and then open the flap and put it down? (Having two people do this, one on the right and one on the left) hold it there for 10 minutes, and then close the rear hatch and let sit for a day or two?

Again EVERYONE, thank you for your help. I hope this thread helps other people in some way.

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For the big 1 piece seal, I applied a first pass of sealant lightly then taped it into position.

Once it set, I ran a second pass with more sealant.


I like that idea! I'll be using it for sure!!! :-)

Do I have the correct fitment for the top outer tho? Does my picture show it the way it should be attached/setup?

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