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The Rust Chronicles


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Gday, ive been lurking here for a while getting lots of ideas and am a member of a few other old datsun websites so you may have seen some of this before but here goes....

It all started around the end of june last year, i was browsing gumtree at about 1 in the morning(not sure why??)when an add popped up for a 1973 "yonmeri skyline"it was nearby and only $600 but would be delivered sight unseen(very rusty!!). The ad said not to call before 12pm the next day, so i waited until then and gave him a call at about 12.15. He told me 2 people had called already since 12 and a guy from melbourne was coming down to get it, i said ok i really want it but i guess im too late. I didnt expect to hear back but half hour later he called and said he'd changed his mind and would like to sell it locally, i was stoked!!! I went and paid him and he said he would deliver it the next day.

When it showed up it looked like this


Not in the best shape, rust in every panel and throughout the shell but it was complete,solid floorpan, straight apart from rust holes 5spd manual and most parts were salvageable.

Since that day i havent touched it too much, fixed the rust in front guards/doors and cleaned up most other parts but cant start on the shell til its undercover which wont be for a while:(

Thats the story of the first one, now heres the second.

I really thought i had found the rustiest ****tiest 240k with the first but this one takes the cake.

Got it for $200 off a guy i know in huonville that has 100s of nissan/datsuns/anything. Its a piece of **** but yet again mostly complete minus drivers door/steering wheel/gearbox. Unfortunatly this had been bushbashed hard before it died:( This is all i kept of it as the front end was fully rusted


Also got a third recently but ive got to go now so i'll leave that for another day.

Thanks, Steve

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Sounds good mate. I was in a similar boat. First one I got was advertised with minimal rust, and i hassled the guy to buy it. when I started taking paint back she was rooted.

They are definatly one of the rustiest cars I've come across!

Will be worth it in the end!

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Yeah they are pretty thin on the ground nowadays so even rustbuckets are worth saving! Yes it will be worth it they are an amazing car, best of luck with your project mate:)

Here is my third skyline i was talking about, while it isnt a c110 its pretty close and this ones in decent condition


Has very little rust, just surface on and around back doors. Drives great! Had to replace heaps of stuff as its been sitting for 8 years but now its all sorted, going to register it soon. Its mainly stock with s13 coilovers and some shiny wheels, also made a few things i can put in once its registered.

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