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1971 Z Antenna Repair

Dr. 240Z

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Recently the Z's antenna stopped working in both directions. However, the motor that drives it sounded 'nonmal'. Upon reading multiple threads on this site and elsewhere I decided to attempt a fix. It can be done!! Somebody/somewhere suggested using Trimmer Line if the problem was the result of a broken plastic drive cable...which this was. The replacement cable is 46.25" of 0.13 trimmer line which cost $0.80 at a local farm store.

Please note a couple of take-aways if you attempt this:

1) Write down everything you remove as you remove it...do not rely on your memory! Place all the removed parts in sequence. Hint: Take a series of pictures.

2) Use heat to remove the plastic cable from the metal attachments at both ends. Also, use heat to insert the new cable. In both cases, heat the metal parts and not the cable itself.

3) Take advantage of where you are by cleaning and oiling as necessary before sealing the site up.



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Is there any maintenance - oiling etc - that can be done without taking the motor apart? Searched the topic and read about corrosion in the gears but would rather not take it apart since it works now and I don't know beans about it. Don't want to wreck some unreplaceable part if that could happen. If it can't be oiled from outside I'll leave it alone til I know more - it's a hassle reinstalling the plastic panel. It makes less noise with WD-40 on the antenna every few months.

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Yes - There are multiple internal areas that should be cleaned and lubricated which are only accessible via 'peeling the onion' (removing the layers).

Given your account it's hard to suggest taking it apart. That being said, if you don't inpsect it occasionally chances are its silently corroding away which could prove challenging down the road to restore...especially given the lack of OEM parts available.

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