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Primer and paint


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First post new member today. I,m sure this has been asked before. I'm restoring a 75 280z and have some areas that have to go to bare metal ( some rust, some rust through). Most of the body is in pretty good shape so just needs sanding. I'll probably go with the original orange for the final color . Do I used epoxy or regular primer?

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After you've done your body work, and are FIRST starting to cover the bare metal, use an ETCHING primer.

Many Epoxy Primers ARE an etching style primer, but not all.

Conversely regular primer (the really old school red oxide lacquer... probably not available now), worked best if you at least did a Metal Wash on the bare metal. That could be from Ospho, POR 15's Metal Ready, or PPG's Metal Prep, but the key thing is that they all leave the metal with some "tooth", which allows the primer to adhere better.

Most newer style primers use Reducer and not Lacquer Thinner. As such, you will undoubtedly need to etch the metal. Check the Epoxy you choose to make sure it etches and you should be fine.

A note for your future steps: You mention only sanding the rest of the body where you don't need to do repairs, this is ok, but you may want to use a SEALER between the old paint and any new topcoats. Some of the newer paint formulations are extremely picky over what they are sprayed over and can react unfavorably with older paints. This is especially true if you're dealing with any paint that may have been "waxed" with any of the "Wax Once and Never Again" poly coatings being promoted as permanent.

The use of a Sealer will give you a uniform color base over which you can spray a nice uniform color coat and not have to worry about any shadows / uneven color.



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I gather from your post that the paint and body thing is also new to you. With that in mind let me suggest you check out the DVDs available from www.Paintucation.com. Kevin Tets, one of the co hosts on Truck TV does a remarkable job on all facets of what you might run into along the way from rust repair right on through color sanding and buffing. Just reaaly great info to have in your library.

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