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i have a 72' 240 with 83' 280zxt drivetrain. the engine has a LOT of mods and runs 11.6 sec 1/4 miles. problem is when i launch the car squats so much that my tires scrape the wheel wells. does anyone know what type of spring and/or strut would cure this? i do not want to lower my car.

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How about coil-overs? I don't know of any standard springs available for a Z that do not lower the car, except for bone-stock Nissan springs. Even the European Nissan springs lower the car some, and they are not very much stiffer that US spec Z springs. Maybe you could put another bump stopper around the strut, inside the coil spring to stop the compression before the tires hit the wheel-wells. Good Luck!

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A quick and dirty fix for this is to get some spring rubbers. They look like 1/2" thick rubber four leaf clovers without a stem. You slip them between the spring coils, rotate them so they stand vertically, and they effectively remove a coil without shortening the spring. We used to use them on a Datsun 610 that we road raced on a low budget. You can use as many as necessary to increase the spring rate/raise the full travel position.

There are also metal ones that bolt in place, but I always liked the rubber ones as they were somewhat compressible.

You really don't want that squat when accelerating hard from the line because it increases negative camber, making the inside edge of the tire do more work.

Best news is that they are really cheap and you can tell those good 'ol boys at the auto parts store they are just like the ones used by NASCAR!

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