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Rotisserie Plans

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Ok, here are the plans I made and used when I was rebuilding my 240.

The files are a bitmap file, so just about any program should be able to open it.

Please keep in mind:

The stands themselves are made to be universal between the early Z series cars (240, 260, 280). The mounts are the pieces that change for each model car. I have given rough estimates on the measurements for the front and rear mounts for the 240Z only. You'll need to verify the dimensions when building. If anybody has any questions, just PM me or send an email.

There are pictures of my car up on the stands on my website and few here in my gallery, so check them out.

rotisserie-front stand.bmp

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"These plans are in no way designed by or checked by a registered engineer, and I assume no liability for damages incurred or caused by products built using these plans. Any product built using these plans is done so at your own risk. All I know is that they are working just fine with my car on them.

These plans are to be used as a guideline for fabbing up your own stands. They are good as seen, but may need to be customized for different circumstances.


The front and rear stand themselves should be identical. The only difference being in the mounts themselves. The tubing I used was 1/8” thick. And I ground all the welds on the bottom of the stands flat so they would not rock back and forth. Also, pre-drill all your rotation locating holes in the pipes before you mount your car. A 3/8” or ½” bolt 4” long works good as a locating pin.

Rear Stand Mount:

You will need to make an accurate measurement of the mounting holes for the rear bumper. Drill the holes into the mount as precise as you can. I used flat bar for the long piece of the mount instead of angle because there is a slight bow to the back of the 240Z’s and I didn’t want to make spacers. It holds fine as is, but don’t compromise on the thickness of the bar.

Front Stand Mount:

The length of the long bar is 30” +/- ¼”. You will need to verify this on an individual basis. The 2” x 2” angle iron needs to be at least 4” long. This is where the front mounting holes will be drilled. There are threaded mounting holes on the bottom of the core-support where a skid plate attaches on all Z’s. Use these holes for mounting the front mount. You will need to make an accurate measurement of these and drill them into the mount as precisely as you can. The 2-1/2” pipe needs to be longer on the front mount than the rear mount. This is to accommodate the extension off the core-support where the grill mounts. Figure on this piece being a minimum of 10” – 11” long.


The two stands can be tied together or left free standing, independent of each other. If you decide to tie them together, you will need a piece of flat bar or angle that is about 12’ long. If you weld them together, you will have to cut them apart for storage when you are through."

rotisserie-rear stand.bmp

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