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Hi........ I need a quick answer if possible...

I have deceided to take my L24 out and replace it with an 81 L28E that is at the wreckers...

I hear the L28 is the way to go so I would like to go that way......but I have never heard of the L28E model.......is this the correct engine for my Z or should I forget it.




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L28E, that was Nissans way of saying it was an a-typical L28 with alot of emissions and fuel-injected stuff on her. The good news: According to Nissan, the later L28's were siamesed; meaning they have criss-crossed patterns between the cylinders. In short: it is a much stronger block choice. I read a great article and used much of the info on a particular site (www.mindspring.com/~blittl/ZGarage.html) in buildimg my L28. Unfortunaly his site is down right now due to bandwidth problems. Hopefully it will be back. If not, I have a print out somewhere around the house I can scan.

When you pull the engine, you can pull the intake off and chuck it (unless you you plan to stay fuel injected, in which case you have ALOT of mods to do). Get yourself a new intake manifold, balance tube and heat shield from a '70 to '72 model 240Z. '73 has EGR on the crossover and, granted, can be blocked off and used, but looks tacky. Remember, no matter how it runs, the object here is to get that 'whoa!' when you open the hood.

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