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Welcome Kenmeri <3

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So your the one who beat me with the same bid. :(

I wanted it for the badge, only bit I need for my sedan. If you wanna sell the badge, let me know, keen as a beaver near a wood plantation.

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can post it to u if u want

That would be mad! I'll actually be up from Brisbane in Montville in August 10-12 so I could even drive somewhere on the Sunshine coast and pick it up?


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I decided i had to make start on some smaller stuff. Mirrors seemed the easiest to start with.

These ones came with guards i got from japan and i have a few other sets on the way in a container, will restore them and keep as spares. As expected these where pretty rusty and plenty of wd40 was used haha.

The mirros where painted with a spray can and it was falling off so i pulled them apart and put them through the sand blasting cabinet, still need to fix a few smalll dents but the mirrors and glass are pretty good condition.


Down side was the rod that holds them to the base was pretty much gone. I broke one in half and the other one broke on the eye. I had no other option apart from make new ones.


I also gave the front bar brackets a clean as well


will expoxy and paint them black when i do the mirrors this week hopefully

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Some nice progress.

Hey so I was cleaning up on the weekend and found those tags you were after, the original Datsun tags. I have them spare from my old 240K that was scrapped. Only thing is the numbers wont match..

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