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Another 240K on eBay ( Coupe )


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10 > 13k would be a really good price for that in my opinion

Is that what they are going for around Au? Are there quiet a few of these floating around Australia for sale?

I'm in talks with the owner regarding a trade and wanted to verify that the trade was mutually beneficial.

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I have my 240k on ebay at the moment( one in toowoomba) --

I have had two, 0 feedback bidders - bidding against each other , I contacted them both and have had NO reply, so ive cancelled their bids.

I have now added a note to the ad asking people with less then 10 feedback to contact me before bidding.


WTF would anyone do this? As a seller I hate this - it makes the whole auction process feel flakey.

So - has anyone else had this issue(esp with 240k stuff) ?

sorry for the rant

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It seems like 90% of 240k whole cars seem to get relisted either on ebay or gumtree. May be various reasons for this to happen but I would guess buyers trying to negotiate lower prices on pick-up or not even turning up. Very frustraring I bet.

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