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1972 Tripple Webers Cranks but wont run

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Well I finally got the carbs synched and running great- the car just died on me!

Info on the car:


Tripple Weber 45 DCOE

- 36mm chockes

- 145 mains

- 195 air

Mallory Unilite/ pro master

Electric Fuel Pump

FPR set at 3.5 psi


I was driving and the car just died. I pulled over and tried cranking it. It turned over and didn't sound like any battery problems. I gassed it and then it would rev up really quickly and then die. I could not get it to idle at all- just rev and then die. I checked the fuel pressure and it read 3-4 psi. I disconnected the hose after the electric fuel pump to make sure fuel was coming out while cranking it and it did just fine (looks to not be a clogged fuel line or filter)


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Sounds like ignition, but I would have to see it to be sure.

Check for spark (carefully) and go from there. Could your distributor have shifted? (i.e. is it loose?)

You sir, are correct about the ignition!

(Night) + (Pre-workout energy drink) x (frustration) = not a thorough enough inspection of all wires.

I missed one little wire underneath the ProMaster ignition- the positive lead to the ballast resistor.

I felt like such a dope (yet relieved) after hooking that little wire back and the car firing up so beautifully.

Thank you random Z guy whom stopped and helped me test fuel pressure throughout my entire system at 11 at night while I was stranded on the side of the road!

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