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Maniacal grin on my face!


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Finally had some time to mess with the 260 yesterday!

Little back story... GIVEN to me by an estate exectutor back in Feb. because they thought it was too far gone to be of any value. It's a June 74 build, early style 260. Body is very sunbaked and surface rusted, but still solid, interior was stripped and boxed and labeled by the PO.

I agreed to drag it home because it had a fairly solid structure.

Put my trolling motor battery on it, ran a hose from a can to the fuel pump,

sprayed a bit of gas into the intakes and cranked her over.

To my AMAZEMENT, she turned, then even MORE amazing caught.

She sputtered, back fired a few times,

Then she revv'ed, settled into a NICE idle and smoothed out.

This Z has had the tuna cans replaced by the earlier SU style carbs.

Apparently the PO had at some time replaced the coil, all ignition parts and plugs.

I couldn't believe it! She lives. Now that I've heard her actually run, I'm STOKED!

Just wanted to share the good news, hopefully as soon as the Spitfire is finished, I can get the Z into the garage and actually start some body work.

Just wanted to share the good news.

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This Z has had the tuna cans replaced by the earlier SU style carbs.

I haven't heard that description before, that's a good one.

Congratulations on bringing home an actual working car.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures - please.

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Congrats! I brought mine from California about year ago. Car was not started in 5 years and weather is a lot chiller here in Scandinavia. I wanked fuel pump manually few times so that i could see the fuel coming. After that: battery on, turn key, cracnk few times and VOILA!! Crazy little cars! These engines are made to last for ever.

I can imagine the look in your face when you first hear the rumble of Z.

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