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280Z battery ground


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any info about or pictures of the OEM configuration...looking for confirmation of the battery ground side having/not having an additional wire to car body or harness besides the cable to the starter...1978 280Z built 9/77

thanks, Harry

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My 78 also only had one negative cable, to the starter/bell-housing. Can't confirm that it was original though. I recently added a cable from battery negative to the firewall, and a cable from the engine to the chassis. Slightly overkill, but I know the car has good grounds now.:bulb:

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One of the Mopar guys at work had an interesting idea for an auxiliary ground the other day. Since most newer batteries have both top post and side post terminals, he used the top post terminals with his Mopar style battery cables and ran a smaller side post cable from the negative of the battery to his frame mounting point.

I think that I may do the same thing later this spring because my current battery cables are getting really beat up from being connected and disconnected so many times in the course of various updates. It seems like the smallest side post cable available is about a #4 AWG, and that has to be a better frame ground than the #10 wire I have spliced to the negative cable right now.

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