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78 280Z - Just like that . . .


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Recently a daily driver after years of sitting. More new stuff then I can make note of, but includes new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, AFM, tank, fuel lines, fuel filter. Was driving on the interstate doing 65 then instantly car dies. No sputtering, no warning. Turns over fine but won't start now.

Only previous issue was car would sometimes cut out above 3K on the tach . . . but would be fine once the motor slowed down under 3K.

Just happened so I haven't had time to trouble shoot yet. I'll start by checking for spark. One thing I haven't replaced is the coil. Could a bad coil cause this? What else?


Jeff Woodard

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78 has electronic ignition, so distributor has pickup rather than points. If there is no spark, then check the connections at the electronic ignition module, which is located in the passenger footwell next to the fuseblock. There should be power at the module when the key is in the On position (Black/White=+12V; Black=12VNeg). If power is there then the module may be bad. With the engine cranking over there should be a small AC signal (<2V AC) on the Green/Red wires at the module from the distributor pickup. If signal and power is there with no spark, then either coil or module is likely bad.

Check fuel pump by disconnecting the small wire on the starter motor solenoid (to prevent starter from operating) and then hold key switch in the start position. You should hear the fuel pump run while in start position.

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