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Hey guys, new to the forum here. I have a 72 Datsun 240z with the l28et swap out of I believe and 82 280. my current setup is megasquirt fuel/spark management

240sx throttle body

1 inch throttle body spacer

high performance coil pack

4 row MSA racing radiator and electric fan

t3/t4 garrett turbo

manual boost controler

custom 3 inch downpipe

3 inch straight threw exhaust


greddy bov

centerforce df clutch

rci fuel cell

msd external fuel pump

r200 with cv axel swap and nismo 2 way gtlsd with a 3.59 gear

my question is what is a safe/good amount of boost to run? I have heard on the stock turbo 10-12psi in max but I have the t3/t4 hybrid turbo. The reason I ask is last night I took the car out for the first time (I re-did a bunch over winter) and the car hit 20psi. I wasn't expecting to get that much so I want to make sure its not over the motors limit, and if it it was should I turn it down to? Thanks for any help!

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