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What are you guys using for the inner air cleaner rubber

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I was getting ready to attach the air cleaner cover and noticed the black inner rubber seals are dry and cracked. It looks like these seals are NLA and was wondering what would be a good replacement.

Let me know what else can be used, or if by chance these are available let me know where. There are two seals, one thinner but taller, and the other more flat.

Thanks in advance,


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I have the opposite problem, but it may help you guys. My rubber is still intact and soft, but I am using a K&N filter that is a 1/4” wider than the original medal one. The K&N has soft rubber sides so I would think it would seal without the original seals in place. I tried to remove mine but it is so well glued in place it will not come off without cutting it, which I don't want to do.

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Bruce' date='

What do you use when you refurb air boxes?



I am most happy to report we are out of the aircleaner business. I have lobbied for 8 years with Steve that this was the biggest loser for ZTherapy and finally, after the rubber stuff went NLA I have his agreement.

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Since you guys in Oregon are out of the air cleaner business can you give us any tips and tricks to get a stellar product when we refinish ourselves. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

* Guy in Richmond says the perfect match for paint is "De 1620 Chevrolet Orange"

* www.zzxdatsun.com has a great price on a set of decals

* MSA has the K&N Filters and gives our members a discount

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