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Bodywork on a 2+2


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So I have a few problem areas on my 260 2+2 that I want to fix ASAP. The PO replaced the floor and freshend the rest of the underside several years back. Unfortunately the shop that did the work did not do such a great job around the perimeter. The problem spots are the lower doors, rockers, lower rear quarter and the lower portion of the front fenders...behind the wheels. I am not in a position to restore at this point. What I want to do is fix these areas and leave in primer until I can restore properly. The question is what body parts from the coupes match up with the 2+2. I've always thought that the car from the door forward (including the door) was the same. Is this just wishful thinking on my part?

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I was afraid of that. I know there are subtle differences but 78 and earlier 280 2+2's should be close enough to use as is or at least sections from right. If I can't locate any 2+2 panels I was also thinking about combining 2 coupe parts to make one 2+2. For instance the rocker panels. I can buy new rockers from several places. What if I bought two drivers side rockers, cut them and the re-welded into one longer rocker for my car. Seems like that would work. Any thoughts or suggestions anyone?

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I know nobody has ever heard this story before but the rust is worse than I thought. The PO lied about replacing the floors. Alot of what was done underneath the car was done to hide problems. The inner rocker is almost completely gone and the floors need some pacth work.

If I have to I will fab new inners also but I have located a 76 280 2+2 donor car that has very little rust. Does anyone know how different these are from my 260 and whether I could just cut out the whole rocker assembly?

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