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Weird Coolant Leak


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1971 240 with SU's/header -- Coolant Water mist sprays out between my intake manifold and head -- Weird. A bit of acceleration and it becomes a little geyser. It is betwwen the number 4 exhaust and intake runners and has actually made a hole in my manifold gasket. Could it be a leak inside the intake manifold? There is a water passage there. Please help!!! Thanks!!!

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From your description it sounds like a cracked head or a breach in a coolant passage within the head to the exterior. Again based on your description, this does not sound like somewhere you should be seeing a coolant leak. It may be time to take it to a mechanic familiar with the Z for a second opinion unless you're up for tearing into this yourself to investigate.

Pictures could be helpful.

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Thanks for the reply.

Actually there is a water passage that travels through the intake manifold on the early z's. It passes right inside the carb mounts. I am trying to rule out everything possible befor pulling the head.

The coolant passage you speak of only runs near the carbs, never gets close to the head. I suspect a cracked head also.
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