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Running a SR20DET for the first time without any gauges good idea?

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Bought the motor off some guy from clist. so im not sure if the boost is at the stock level. Also, my fuel pump concerns me. I have heard that they might not deliver the required amount of fuel. And without an air fuel gauge it might be hard to know that its running lean. i dont want to burn anything.

so what do you guys think. run the motor without any gauges or no? and if i have to get some to run it what should they be? air fuel and boost for now? then buy the rest when i can?

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If they are going to be permanent gauges, in the car, you can't go wrong the AutoMeter gauges. Decent prices and NO!!! Don't run the car without the gauges. You could run out of oil, overheat and dump buttloads of fuel down the intake, All without even knowing it without gauges.

Hook it all up, then run it.

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I had an SR in a 240sx for years here in the U.S. and I had one in a 180sx in Japan for a year too. When it comes to an SR, you want a oil press guage. If you don't know the dude you bought it from and you want to make sure nothing is fishy, watch your oil pressure. Normal pressure at a warmmed-up engine idle is about 30 psi.

If the SR has no oil pressure, you better get ready for a rebuild, because the oil squirters are blocked up and the longer you go with little or no pressure (10 psi and less) the quicker your block will sieze.

You can pick up a cheapo manual one at auto zone or checkers/kragen for like $30-40.

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