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Rear suspension know solved...stupid

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I've been searching for a knock in the rear suspension since I put the car back on the road, following the rear diff swap and rear suspension upgrades over the Winter. Checked and double-checked all bolted connections (I thought), re-torqued the bushing connections, re-checked everything brake related that could be loose. I couldn't find anything loose.

Then a light went off......I never torqued the passenger side strut retainer nut down all the way (the one inside the rear hatch area). I finger-tightened it when I was re-assembling, and guess I somehow forgot to go back and torque it down. Tightened it up, no more knock....:stupid:

Learn from my dumb-assness.

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Today I had the steering wheel slip 90 degrees as I was driving on the highway (Rt495). I pulled over at the first safe place and checked the steering wheel nut, the coupler and the rack bolts. One wheel had a serious toe in issue so I drove very slowly the remaining 10 miles home.

I suspected that the inner tie-rod had gone in my reman rack but it turns out the concentric control arm bushing had slipped because the bolt was loose. Now I just need to get it back to something close to normal and get it re-aligned this week.

Bad news - it was the first sunny day in a week. Good news - I didn't wreck my Z.

Glad your issue got solved Paul....

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