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A/C cooling fan foe a 240Z


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I have the original A/C. It works fine but the technician tells me that I could have a better cooling performance during the summer hot days if I would install a electric fan in front of the condensor.

What kind of fan is the best and any suggestion how to hook up to the electrical system?

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You're going to get a bunch of opinions on this one, so let me be among the first.

I ran AC on my '71 Z for decades with no aux fan. I did have a bigger than stock radiator, however, and a flex blade clutchless fan blade in place of the stock unit. I had no problems.

When I switched out the original ARA unit last year, I installed a Hayden 3670 electric fan that comes on when the AC is on (about $100). I got rid of the flex fan and installed a stock plastic fan & clutch. Works well in 110 degree heat here in the desert. There are various other solutions, including junk yard fans from other makes.


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