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Magnetic racing sheilds


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Is there a standard size for the round or oval racing sheild, to go on the door or bonnet? It would be better to stick your vinyl numbers to a magnetic sheild instead of the paint, and have to repaint the car after the numbers pull your paint off.


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If you plan to road race the magnetic Rondels would most likely blow off the car. If you autocross most of us used to do magnetic rondels with our numbers in vinyl on them. Size is normally just a minumum size for the numbers so the rondel can be almost whatever you like for size and shape. If you do vinyl and stick them down as long as your paint is well cured and was properly applied it should not come off when removing them. Also you can ask you vinyl shop about the quality of vinyl as some may have an easier to remove adhesive. Very high quality vinyls will last 5-7 years and are what is being used in the new BRE decal packages. Also the magnetic rondels may have trouble sticking if your doors have any bondo on them. To check to see if they will stay go get some of the small magnets off your refrigerator and see how well they stick to your doors in different spots as they will have similar magnetic qualitys as the materiels for the rondels.


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