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Found the body color tonight


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I was putting in some late hours at the shop tonight helping a friend with his motorcycle. A few more of the guys had shown up and we started BSing about paint. Well one of my friends was talking about a custom color that he had mixed up awhile back. It's a metal flake pearl thats a color shifting paint. the tone of it is dark blue in the can but shifts into greens aswell as purple once it's painted. He started talking about it and said " well hold on I have it over here in the paint booth." So he comes back and has a full gallon of the paint and matching clear. He also had a bottle of HEAVY electric blue pearl for mixing in the clear. Now, after some dealing I own all of it!!!!! :love:

He paid over $500.00 for what he gave me and you can see why once you open the can and see just how cool this color is. No, it's not the odd paint that changes every color under the sun. This stuff stays in the blue and green shades but dose change into near every shade of blue and green you could think of. Then toss that pearl over the top and OMG :love:

I think I may paint one of my spare parts tomorrow so I can show what it's gona end up looking like. I cant wait!!!! Here I thought I was gona be stuck in flat black for the year because I just didnt have the money for what I wanted. Now I have a paint color I could only dream of getting;)

I am now going to be spending ALOT of my free time on sanding and body work for the next week or so. Then I can shoot her and enjoy :classic: I cant wait!!!!!!!!!

I will do my best on getting a pic of the color tomorrow.

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