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Help figuring out wiring to ignition coil, etc (1973)

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Well I'm currently elbows deep in a project with some ***** wiring and I was wondering if someone could help. I basically had to strip down the harness from where I connect to the ignition coil and where the temp sensor goes. I have been using my FSM for my '72 and am hoping that most of my tracing and guessing is correct.

Here is what I have so far. The wiring abbreviations will be the same as the FSM standard:

Long -

Y - Temp sensor

G - ?

BY - ?

B (becomes 2x B)

- Neg coil

- Neg dizzy (btw, swapped in an E12-80... I know how to wire that :)

Short -

BW - Pos coil from dizzy

GW (becomes 2x BW when visible outside the harness)

- Tach (?)

- Pos coil (?)

I'm not completely certain on ANY of these connections, but the ones without the question marks I'm FAIRLY certain of. If anyone knows these or is willing to chop open a wiring harness.... :)



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I have that as one of the 6 that I bookmarked while searching earlier :) The FSM is identical to the hard copy I have, but there were still some wires that I still wasn't sure about; although now I have some idea where the G & BY wires go to, i'm still not 100%

If you wouldn't mind checking that would be AWESOME

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