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Seat Replacement


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I have a 72 240 Z which I am rebuilding and am looking at possible doners for seats. I have access to 89 Honda Prelude, 91 Ply Laser, and 89 Nissan Maxima seats. Has anyone used any of these seats, and if so what is necessary to adapt them to the Z. Thanks

Don Williams

Eleva, Wi.

71,72,73 240's all need work


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Personally if I were going to use other than the original seats and had access to the cars you named, I would stay loyal and go with the nissan maxima seats. Just do a little measuring across the back rail of the seats. Sometimes if you cant fabricate the brackets you may change out the original seat brackets which are a pain. I don't know if you are looking for luxury comfort or just need seats, but summit racing has some really nice sport seats different colors with universal seat brackets.


Here he comes, here comes speed racer he's a demon on wheels!!!!!

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I have been looking for jap replacement seats and find that the seats from a Nissan 180 or 200SX will fit with new brackets. Honda CRX seats are good as well. The problem is the seat needs to be very narrow at the hip and backrest needs to taper towards top. However they are cloth and are usually buggered when you find them at a wreckers. The best bet is an after market format which gives great support and look good.

Rick - Brisbane

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I think 300ZX (Z32) seats would be the ultimate replacement seat. (that is, if they fit). You may be able to find leather 300ZX seats in salavage for around $550.00, though I saw a pair go on eBay for $645.00 recently. (My max bid was $550.00)

I just bought, but have yet to receive, 1995 Mazda Miata seats.

I know they will fit (dementionally), But I will have to remove the

Datsun seat rails and install the Mazda seat rails to get the proper seat height.

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