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Datsun 240z seat, hem/loop


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On the Datsun 240z seat, there is a hem/loop sewn into the seat cover between where your butt crack and knees go. A metal rod goes through the hem/loop, and that metal rod has loops on each end that stick out from the hem/loop. When the seat cover is installed, the hooks on the end of the rod are pulled downwards and tied to the bottom seats straps or spring in the case of the 1973 240z giving the seat a proper contour. (there is one for the head rest also).

Does anyone know the original material for the hem/loom? When I removed a previous recover (with plush fabric center/vinyl outside), I noted that the material used for the hem/loom was regular fabric that had ripped. I have a recover kit that I recently purchased (not from MSA) that also has a thin fabric hem/loop. So thin that they seem pointless to use. There is a set on eBay right now that appears to use vinyl as the material for the hem/loop. The one on eBay with the vinyl hem/loop is sold by ninfiniti.com and pics are posted below.

What else have you guys seen (if you remember)? I could sew in a hem/loop with vinyl (or possibly a stronger material for the purpose).



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I am in the process of doing mine right now, the set I took off was original but did not have the loop in the cover so nothing was used but the wire was attached to the springs. They were possibly redone any they cut the loop off because there is two tabs there like one may have been cut off. The set I bought used the vinyl for the loop and looks strong enough to me since as you sit on it the tension will only decrease. I am going to try to replace the straw matt that was on top of the springs with a 1/2 inch thick silicone foam because the matt stank like mold. I got this set from e-bay and don't know who made them. Good luck

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