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Headlight buckets question


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Is the driver side headlight bucket on a 75 280z different from the passanger side. The reason I ask is because the passanger side fits nice and snug in the bucket, but the driver side looks a little different. The headlight seems to stick out a little more and it doesn't seem to have the same lip as the other one.

Is this just something wrong with my buckets or is this normal.

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They both are metal. I'm thinking that its probably some bent brackets for the headlights and they don't sit in the bucket properly. I tried to take them off last night and ended up stripping some screws so I will have to deal with that later. I just got some hex bolts to replace the screws.

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Ok I figured out what happened. PO must have had issues with replacing headlight previously, because it only had 3 of the four screws for the headlight and they were somewhat stripped and the headlight was not mounted right. He then compensated by adjusting the light to point up which made it look like it was popped out.

I replaced the screws with hex bolts and now it all looks good.

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