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I have '73 240z with a gas tank that has a few holes in it. I am about to go to the junkyard to look for one that is in better condition. I was wondering how much changed on the gas tanks and other body parts on the 70s Z cars.

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I believe that the tanks on the '70-'78 models are virtually the same. There are several issues you need to address when replacing or reconditioning the fuel tank. Mike has excellant advice in the fuel system BB section that you would be wise to consider. Also the hoses and connections to the fuel tank assembly are all critical elements of proper fuel delivery in these cars. One leaky or worn connection or hose can impair that critical performance function. I have replaced all of my hoses and connecting apparatus with great success in reducing gas fumes and consistent fuel pressure. The hoses will cost about $150 U.S.. Don't forget that on the '73 the fuel system is "presurized" and even an improperly sealing cap can cause disruption in proper fuel delivery and pressure under 'normal' operating conditions.

Good Luck

P.S. The '73 has the "late model" evaporative emmission control system. I have modified mine with great success as well, don't forget that it is a 'closed system'.


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i purchased all my rubber fuel line at a marine supply store. it is fireproof and more heat resistant. much better quality than say NAPA's . i think it was alot cheaper also. i used a 75 tank in my 73. it was not a hard swap at all. i had an extra line from the 73 that i just plugged up .. pay attention to where the hoses hooked up and where they go and im sure you can use any tank you want.

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You will find that the gas tanks on later 280Z's (from around 76/77 on up will not fit in a 240Z. This is because the later cars had the small spare tire and the extra space was used for the gas tank. The ealier the tank you find, the more likely it will be to fit in a 240Z.


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