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How hard is it to fix a broken emergency brake?

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ITs toast!!! I looked underneath and the cable is broke at the right rear axle. Also noticed thereis nothing attached to the left rear wheel in the way of a cable/pin etc. Kinda feels like i only have front brakes as well. Wonder what kind of money i'm looking at to get rear/emer brakes back on my ride.



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last time I looked the cable was about 80 -110 bucks at motorsport and victoria british (depending on model). If you were to replace the entire assembly brand new it would total probably run about 350 bucks. If I remember you have a 240 so:

Handbrake control assembly (lever inside of car) 169.95

Front handbrake rod (connects lever to center handbrake assembly ): 8.95

Center handbrake assembly 34.95

Center handbrake clevis & pin: 3.65 & .60

trunnion pin 3.95

e brake cable: 109.95

assorted clevises, pins, bolts and washers about 15 bucks. Now this is not including the handbrake lever on the back of the drum and perhaps the condition of your wheel cylindars in the back.

The ebrake assembly tends to be like the clock, just a mere decoration.

The center handbrake assembly usually gets seized and then the handbrake rod will break when you get manly yanking the leveer up

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Contact Andy Russell at Z Cars of Arizona. They are a boneyard with some excellent quality parts and prices to rival any boneyard.

Z Cars of Arizona Phone: 480-816-8668

Andy Russell, The Datsun Dude: Phone 480-980-6512.

Andy also sells NEW and NOS parts.

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