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What is that "ok" light??

Cracker Jack

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What is that light that cycles through and then either goes green with "OK" or all red? That light on my '79 280zx is ALL RED. I am having some issues with a few gauges not working, is there a "brain" in this car? Maybe I could swap the one from my '81 zx if there is one since it will cycle through and say "ok" in green?? Please help. Thanks! - Jack:knockedou

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That's just the on board diagnostic circuit. If you have a headlight burn out, it'll tell you when you push the button. After it has cycled through it's checklist, it'll flash OK if everything is good and then settle on just a red display. Ever since I got my '79, the display has told me that my battery is no good, even when I replaced it. Don't think it has anything to do with the battery, but with a wire I found snipped on the alternator...

Still, it's a nice feature, assuming everything is hooked up properly.

As to the "brain," our cars have a very redundant brain. It really is nothing more than a set of electrical switches that react solely to the electrical impulses it receives from the various components (Thermotine switch, water temp sensor, air temp sensor, etc.).

There is no chip in our "brain" to switch out for a "high performance" chip.

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haha, high performance chip! These things act like they are on steroids anyways, I hate to see if you could "chip" one! I was just curious if that box under the driver side of the dash might be a primitive computer possibly causing some of my electricals from not working.

PS. I am still tracking wires, I have yet to find a disconnection or burnt wire, all fuses intact as well. So dang perplexing. Snow isn't helping either.

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