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Help ASAP on dizzy


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I thought that it would fire, but no go. So I need to check with you guys to make sure that everything is correct.

The wires to the old to the points dizzy I disconnect from the coil. All three wires (black, red, purple). Then the new Electric dizzy I put B to + and C to - on the coil.

Then, when I dropped the new dizzy in, I had the #1 cylinder up top and lined up to the front of the engine thingy where the crank is I believe it is. Then, on the dizzy, I had the circular hole pointing towards cylinder #1 fireing order. The T was pointing towards the front of the vehicle but would not fit as I thought that the T was the marker, so then I turned it a 180 degress to have the circular hole facing towards the front of the vehicle and it dropped right in so I am guess that was the correct marker?

So is all of this an A+? It shouldn't be as it is not firing. I have a good battery, new Flamethrower coil 45,000 volt, vaccum tube is hooked on and I still have the ballast resistor hooked up.

Could I just be a few degrees off to the left or right causing the problem?

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Would the T point to the front, or the Circle on the other side? Might need to take a picture of this. There should only be one marker, but I see a "T" shape and then 180 degrees on the other side there is a circle so to me, either one could be the marker.

Don't mean to be rudd but what is "Try wiring the cap 180 out"?

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the metal part of the rotor should be pointing to the front. by wiring the dizzy 180 out i mean revers the way that the wires are plugged in. for example, put the wire for cylinder 1 on the other side of the cap (the back) and do that all the way around. i'm at work but i'll try to get you a picture

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