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It is possible to make this swap


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Happy 2008.

Here is the question. My neighbor´s son just crash his dad´s 300zxtt and since I cant find and engine for my 1973 240z I would like to know if some of You can tell me how difficult is to make this swap.

The engine is only 13k from factory, the interior is intact and is leather.

Im not sure if the seats fit in my car also.

Please if some one can drive me in the right direction I really appreciated that.

Can be use for this swap engine, tranny and differential even A/C?

Thank You.

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Happy New Year Juan!

You might want to get at www.hybridz.org They have these topics well covered. As I recall it is a difficult fit (that's why we don't see many of them) but there are some guys doing it.

Try this forum:


But be careful...some of those guys over there are nuts...:finger:

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Happy New year Michael.

Thank You for the info. I have been searching the hybrid z site for info too.

And the advice. I know there´s a lot of crazy people doing different kinds of swap out there.

I would like to go with the L24 or L28 that would be the most.

Thank You.

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Hi Juan, I don't know about the engine, but the seats will fit. I put the seats from a 90 300ZX in my '73. They don't just fall in, but are a pretty close fit. You remove the seat brackets from your 240, and the seat brackets from the Z32 and swap the S30 for the Z32 (you can toss the sliders from the Z32, but save the mounting hardware). They don't fit perfectly, but with a little hole enlargement they will go right on. Remove the short bolts from the S30 brackets and use the Z32 mounting hardware. Save the short bolts from the S30 seats and use them in place of the long bolts on the S30 seat sliders. You will thank me for that tip as the long bolts make it really hard to get your fingers in there to put the nuts and washers on...especially the rear ones (I found this out the hard way, of course). You will have to drill new holes in your floor mounts in the car about 1/2" out from the original holes. Test fit before you drill...I tried to get the seats pretty well centered in the car and made a template out of a piece of wood to mark the new hole locations. Also you can't use any of the plastic seat raisers(?) from your car. The seats fit flat on the floor mounts. I have been really pleased with the support and the comfort of these seats. They are much improved over the old seats. PM me if you have more questions. I actually took a bunch of pictures of the install and would be happy to send them to you. Cheers, Mike

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