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How NOT to store your Zed for the winter.


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This year in Ottawa (Motto: 8 months of winter, 4 months of tough sledding) winter came early. A few things on my to-do list didn't get accomplished, including putting away the 83.

Those of you with sharp eyesight will no doubt recogize that the Zed is the lump on the left. The car on the right is my daughter's Saturn.ROFL

Wishing everyone all the best for the holidays.



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hey peter,

I'm down by Lindsay and have my 72 in the garage and I scored a intact shell and parts for it the day before the first snow but did manage to get it covered in time. Now the wife is suggesting we look into building a shop for me and my cars( her idea, and who am I to say no to that).

Have a good one all


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Oh man, what a few weeks...

Sin after sin after sin...

First I move from north of Toronto to just outside Montreal and we have a massive storm hit. I drove the 300ZX up and just beat the weather, but the 240Z was shipped by a transport company and got slammed.

A couple of photos of it in the garage once the snow had been removed. (It's been too cold to wash the gunk off it as of yet...).


To top it off, on an impulse I bit and bought Stayz75z's '77 280Z from the San Diego area and had it shipped through 2 massive storms and a record snowfall for December.

The photos below give some of the detail:

The driveway out front of the garage a few days before I left to pick up the car at the border.


Various shots arriving at home on the trailer.





Got her off the trailer without incident, but getting her up the snow covered driveway was a bit of a challenge...traction was horrible...slipping and sliding...then she started losing power...wierd...then she cut out completely...had the exhaust got plugged in a snow bank during the dismount? (a la Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop)...nope, checked that...ran out of gas 1/2 way up the driveway (this was good news, nothing mechanical)...filled her up and pulled in snug with her 2 sisters.




Now the she has all the snow removed, she looks pretty solid. She needs a cleaning much like the red one does and the interior will take some work, but there is very limited rust and a great base to work from. I'll post more on her in another thread.

Despite the adventure, it's always good to know you have someone waiting for you at home...


Sorry for the minor thread hijack. Don't mind the garage, we just moved in...it's going to get a lot better.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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