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  1. What blows me away is that we are supposed to be on the metric system for the last, ahhhhh, 30 or more years, and a place like Brofasco or Fastenal doesn't carry fine thread or a very "limited" stock of anything metric. Thanks for the offer, I will e-mail you later today, work called just now, they extra hands. Wouldn't happen to know where I can find 40057-21001 steering arm bolt found 1 in North America, 08124-04510 tension arm bolts need 4. I pulled the old and cannot fine a match yet. this is all I need to complete front and rear suspension. Dan
  2. Well I've seached and running out of places. I have made calls here in Canada and the US for the front control arm bolts pn# 54436-E4100 and so far no luck, apparently NLA, I have tried Fastenal and Brofasco and have nothing. Any help would be great. Dan
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for a source for a few apparently hard to find fastners for the front end. Part #-54436-e4100 control arm bolt -08124-04510 tension arm bolt -40057-21001 steering knucle arm bolt I have done some searches and nothing so far. I talked with a fellow today from the nissancc website and he said he has tried to no avail...any help here woud be great. Dan
  4. Still interested in one.....looking forward to pics.
  5. sounds great....appreciate it...

    thax talk to ya soon...happy new year all the best

    Dan and Robyn

  6. fOR SHO, Cool ^_^

    Just got back from the post office and they said hadn't at least been

    cashed yet. Turn out they were expecting a 3 to 4 weeks delivery cause of

    the holiday mai, hope it didn't enterfear (Can't spell it now) with your Xmas shopping. I'll keep you updated on the Hunt as usuall and if I can get the

    OK from ANSA to replicate those decals we were discussion I'll hook you

    up for free instead of those New York prices LOL.

    TTYL and Happy New Year ^_^ ~Z~

  7. hey Z

    got it today...thax ....don't forget keep me in mind


  8. still not here.....maybe tomorrow ...just so you know for next time I work for Canada Post and our computer system is compatible with US tracking numbers... doesn't make it faster just trackable and/or insured. faster is much more expensive and at Xmas time faster just doesn't happen at the post office US or Canada.

    I'll let you know when I see it ......sure you put the correct address ..LOL


  9. hey Z

    nothing as of the 24th. Should see it this week I would think. Will let you know when it arrives. hope xmas was good, and happy new year.


  10. Hi Bro, just checkin to see if your money arrived on time :) ~Z~

  11. It's in the mail bro ^_^ would of put a sig confirmation on it but they said it would slowed it down and no track number cause the US and CAN mail are on 2 different computer systems. But will arrive well befor Xmas :) . ~Z~

  12. I ask as the ball joints I have were included with the puchase of the 72 but they don't seem to seat all the way, as I have done ball joints before. The knuckles are the originals. I just was looking for the correct part, good price. The parts have are labeled "autopart international" pn# 05260 k-9011 As yet I have not been able to confirm the application. Any ideas? I have done some quick search but nothing yet.
  13. thanks geez.....been looking for a place like this...have you dealt with them?
  14. The car I am restoring came with all trim, locks, door handles, w/s & hatch trim, bumpers everything and I plan to do orange or green paint with the all black trim, personally I like the look. just my 2 cents
  15. Oh ya shipping by USPS is fine I can wait the few extra days.