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Hi Guys,

just a small update on things, as i havn't had much time (or money) to do much lately..

I spent the last 2 weekends repainting the brake calipers and engine covers on the car in an awesome metallic red that i found. The pictures don't do it justice, but i thought i would post them up anyway

The covers use to be a powdercoated yellow (meant to be gold, but far from it).. and while they arn't S20 red.. i am happy that i am going back to the red theme..

oh.. attached is also a photo of the brand new Cusco front stut brace i finally got from japan :)

as for the rest of the car, i have taken off the watanabe's and getting ready to coat them in POR's Glisten PC (hard clear coat), for added protection.

otherwise, i am still working towards getting the car painted, i still need to finish scrubing off any loose bitumen from underneath the car, then i am going to give the bottom a coat of POR15, then re-bitumen it for extra extra protection (i really can't be bothered trying to completely remove the bitumen on there, and 80% of it seems to be on pretty well).

then early next year i will get the engine bay painted, put the engine etc. in (so i won't scratch the body putting it in later).. then get the rest of the body painted.. then hopefully it will be on the home straight!







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Hi Mate,

the brace came out to be around $120 australian, but this did not cover postage as i had somebody bring it back for me (luckily).. it is in the cusco catalogue, but it is a special order, so they make it up as you order it..

and yes, before anyone says something.. i do realise the S20 engine covers are black.. but atleast the intake is redish :)

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