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does this seat look like it'll fit? measurements


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This is the shape/diamnetions of a recaro seat that my friend is selling.

when i measured my stock seat it seems very close to me. my stock seat bottom is about 21.5" wide (probably flattened out from 31yr use) and about 32" tall, width of the seat seams to be a tad wider but there seems to be room.


Can anyone who has done a swap look at these measurements and know if it'll fit (obviously with some fab work for rails)

Real pic of seats here:



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How did you get the seat out? I'm trying to take out the bottom of the driver's seat to fix it, replace foam, etc., and just can't get it off. Sorry to be off topic, but you sound like you'd know. Thanks a lot.

There are simply four bolts per seat that attach the seat rails to the seat supports that are permanently attached to the floor pan. The nuts that hold these bolts in place should be clearly visible on the bottom side of the seat supports. There may be some thick plastic round or hex shaped spacers that can be used to adjust the height of the seat. For a higher seat these would be between the rail and the support. For a lower seat they may be under the support and therefore not really being used.

Even though the rails (the part that allows the seat to slide forward and backward) are attached to the seat with more bolts I don't think it's possible to remove the seat from the rails while the rails themselves are still attached. It's much easier to remove the complete unit and then remove the rails from the seats once the whole assembly is out of the car.

Are you still just trying to fix the car up in order to sell it or have you gotten too attached?

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Brilliant, Mike, thank you! WOW, I never realized how complex seats are, especially this one! I'd never have gotten it out, thank goodness for Hubbies that have the knack. He did take out the entire assembly, and the top piece looks quite good, the bottom stitching is mostly sun-wiped-out! And what a job this will be, the foam needs to be addressed/replaced and restitching maybe on the bottom seat (hope my sewing machine can do this). It smells and feels like leather, wonder if it could be on the original 1971 240Z, though I heard many talking about them as vinyl. Then on the bottom of the seat were some kinds of strappings that apparantly once held things together; not so much now, so that needs to be addressed. It amazes me what a huge difference just that one piece of seating has vs. all the rest of the seat pieces. All 3 other pieces look pretty nifty, the passenger seat like new, go figure.

We're all really attached to it, and getting up in years so we are definitely selling it (sniff sniff). The mind-boggler is do we keep putting more money into it to fix things up and increase the price, or sell as is for others better able to do the work themselves who love and preserve classics like this.

Again, thank you so much for your time and help, and thanks to you janaka for posting this thread. The colors of both your Zs are beautiful!!!!!

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I put "DAD" racing seats in my Z that I bought on Ebay. They looked similar in size to the drawing that you provide.

The risk is the mounting rails. The original seats are very close to the floor, and if you put anything taller in the car you had better be really short if you want to drive it. Even thick seat bottoms will cause a problem.

The seats that I bought came with sliders/mounting rails that had been designed just for early Z cars. They are only thick enough to allow two socket head cap screw heads to clear each other as they pass by. (Perhaps 5/8")

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  • 4 weeks later...

Pictures of the above seats install are now available.

Please keep in mind these WILL be recovered..LOL

Well with a little fab work and a whole lot of luck I was able to get both recaro's into the Z this weekend. the drivers side was a PITA due to a drivetunnel bulge that wasn't on the passanger side, but all in all I can drive the car and the seat adjusts enough that amanda can get comfortable in the driverside no problems. The passanger side was a piece of cake, first try bolt right in with my 'adapters' which was a good start before i found out about the tunnel issues..LOL

needless to say here are the pics, and yes they will be recovered to match the car. we are thinking black leather to replace the grey and red micro-suede inserts :D

There are no issues with them touching the door panels, nor the handbrake on the passanger side and the head rests are JUST inside of the roll bar when reclined far enough.





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i had recaro seats in my 88 SS and loved them. the seats can be used either side, and i lucked out and found a mint passenger seat out of a wrecked SS, and traded my worn out driver's side for it, along with a little cash. the slide out thigh support was a cool feature on those also.


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I guess it would be only right to add updates, since I stepped into this thread with my driver's seat issues. All were fine, except the bottom of the driver's seat was wiped out by the sun, so in staying with our goal to keep $s down yet maintain original as much as possible so we can fix things and sell it without raising price, we were creative.

Here are the updates.


More to be done, but what an adventure. All I need to do now is figure out the fuse box info, so I can see why the windshield wipers which were fine the other day aren't as fine this morning. Thinking it's a fuse, maybe.

":0) Asta

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