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ok, so i've taught myself pretty much everything i know about cars. which is more than some, less than others.

i just got a '72 240z and the brakes are bad. they get to about 2 inches from the floor before they engage.

i tried bleeding the brakes, except, i could only figure out where the master cylinder bleed screws were.

i think it helped a little bit, but that could just be my imagination..

does anybody want to tell me where i would find the individual bleeder screws for each brake?

im a little new to the whole car thing, this is my first restoration, so be easy on me please.

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....and the rears are on the alloy slave cylinder at the bottom of the backing plate.

If you are going to bleed the whole system, you start at the wheel furthest from the pedal, then work your way back to the wheel closest to the pedal.

For LHD that means rear right, rear left, front right then front left.

Consider doing a complete flush of the system to remove any gunge and give everything fresh fluid to work with.

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Do as Nissanman said . I recommend that you buy a manual like How to Restore Your Datsun Z CAR BY Wick Humble Also watch e bay for CLYMER DATSUN 240-280z & ZX 1970-1979 shop manual. this specific shop manual. There are other CLYMER shop manuals but I found this one to be better. Nissan shop manual is the vary best but harder to find and spendy. In doing my redo on my 240 I used both of these two extensively. Clymer's are out of print so used is the only source. Motorsport has the How to Restore manual. Gary

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