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Driveability Of Performance Clutch


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Hello all,

I am considering doing a clutch upgrade. Have been looking at an aluminum flywheel, Centerforce II Clutch, roller piolt bearing, and a stainless steel clutch hose. Was talking w/ my mechanic today and he was telling about when some of his customers did a performance clutch upgrade in 5.0 Mustangs, that they had problems with everyday driveability of it.

My goal for my Z is to have a nice weekend touring car for drives along the CA coast. Since I have to get a new clutch anyway, that's when the upgrading came to mind.

I was curious to see if anyone had done what I'm planning on (or similar) and what their thoughts about it was. Thanks in advance.

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Don't know if I would use Centerforce on the Z, but had good results with one on a full size 1/2 ton truck.

As for driveablity, we did this change early this summer and have no problem with slow driving and getting off the line sorta speaking (driving in the pits, pre-staging, parking lots, car shows and trailer loading, it's not a street car)

We feel it has perfect clutch feel and the response from the light weight flywheel will give you a big grin! :D

Fidanza 2-Piece, 10 lbs. Aluminum Flywheel # 143281-383

Clutchmasters FX400 Heavy Duty 6-Puck Sprung Ceramic Clutch # 06-029-HDCB6

Not that you should use the same, but I couldn't believe how driveable it is. I'm not sure why some people can't drive a clutch setup as this, but Mrs. Chino sure likes this setup too.

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Have you made changes to your engine? What's prompting you to go to a different clutch? There's almost always a trade off between the clutch's ability to handle torque and its smoothness/ease of engagement. I've made quite a few mods to my L28, including lightening the flywheel, and I'm still using the stock clutch. The only time I've had an issue was at a driving class where we did a lot of hard launches. As the heat built up in the clutch I began to get some slip on the 1-2 upshift. As soon as it cooled down it was all good again.

I do think you'll like the lightened flywheel. I had been concerned that it might be difficult to get the car moving from a stop with less rotational inertia, but I've found it just as easy as with the stock flywheel. And quick shifts are easier since the revs fall faster.

FWIW, I've read mixed feedback on the centerforce II clutch for Zs. Those having issues seemed to have high torque (aka big turbos) engines.

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