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L28 280zx wont start after rebuild! HELP!


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Hello everyone I need some help.

I have just rebuilt a mates L28 out of his 280sx.

The engine was pulled out 3 weeks ago, bottom end rebuilt and head reco'd. The inlet and all other peripherals were left alone.

Its all back together now and it wont start. I have checked the timing (With No 1 at tdc with cyl one cam lobes facing up have set the dizzy and the rotor button is facing no1

I have fuel pressure

I have spark

I have injector pulse..... however after cranking it over for ages the spark plugs dont look wet.

Now I would have thought that with fuel pressure and a inj pulse (can here them click) that after cranking it over the plugs would be dripping but its not the case.

I think that the injectors could be blocked however the engine was only stripped 3 weeks ago and all the inlet manifold was not touched!

Any ideas? Is there any chance all 6 injectors have seized just sitting there? think I will have to get the injectors cleaned...

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Are you sure you have the firing order correct? It is 1-5-3-6-2-4.

It sounds like a timing issue. I just went through this myself with my aftermarket EMS install. Three cylinders were not firing in the correct order but I was getting a fuel pulse. The plugs looked whistle clean and did not smell like fuel. Once I got my firing order sorted out it fired right up. Of course, I am using LS1 coil on plugs and using sequential injection/ignition, but the symptoms are the same.

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I just went through this... get out your timing light and see where the #1 plug is actually firing.

Even with all the static timing appearing to be correct, you really can't be sure until you watch it with a strobe light.

And as "ktm" said, double check your firing order. Once I got my engine running it was really rough because I had the 2 and 4 plug wires crossed.

(But it did start on only 4 cylinders.)

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tasmanian devils at work. Well I did the same thing and did some major cussing along the way. what turned out to be the culprit was that i had turned over the engine withiout the plugs in to be sure oil was going around before firing it up. this in effect flooded the engine with fuel to use terminology from the days of carburetors. What i finally did to get it going was to disconnect the fuel pump and try to start the engine going with the throttle wide open. Did this 4-5 times and got the engine to start and run for a few seconds before all the fuel in the manifold was expended. Then hooked up the fuel pump and she started and ran like new. Not sure if your problem is the same but you might try it.

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