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Wiring loom fixing tab rubber replacement


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For those of you who have had their cars dipped or sandblasted, what product did you use to insulate the wiring harness fixing tabs in the engine bay.

I could use some heatshrink on them but I'd rather try to find something as close to stock as possible. Can you buy a liquid form of rubber that sets once exposed to air? It would be difficult to do but it could be done with a lot of prior testing.



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Over here we have Liquid Electrical Tape ( http://www.starbrite.com/prodcatalog.cfm?ProductCat=Home%20Care&ProductSCat=Liquid%20Electric%20Tape%20(Home) ) and another product called PlastiDip (www.http://www.plastidip.com/consumer/index.html ) and both are available in black, white, clear, and several colors.

PlastiDip is available in spray cans, and is the easiest to apply-just like paint, tape off the area and apply several thin coats...


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Cheers Will,

Looks like Plasti Dip is for me then. You US boys sure do have niche market products. I'll have to have scan about the local hardware stores here to see if we have a similar product. No doubt there is a Chinese equivalent (but will it last?)


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