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17" rims

red dragon

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Helllo all, I just reciently purchased a 1978 Dastun 280Z 2+2 and I was thinking about upgrading my wheels. I want to put on 17" x 7" rims w/ 215/40/17. Would that fit on my car without an mods? If not, what size can go to (16" x 7")? Don't want to modify anything right now, just want to throw them on.

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Motorsport Auto has some nice looking 17" wheels that fit these cars nicely. They also come with center caps, lug nuts, and I think some of them even come with adapters if needed. Check em out at motorsportauto.com. But since we're on the subject of wheels I'm looking for some for my Z as well, but I've got fender flares on mine and can't seem to find wheels with that deep of a dish and still keep the 4 lug bolt pattern. Has anyone here used the Z to honda adapters that modern motorsports makes? 40mm of adapter seems like a lot to me but I've got over 12" between the spring perch and inside of the rear fender. sorry for hijacking your thread but your question follows along the same lines. Thanks and hope i could help.

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Yes, 17x7 will work. I used Modern Motorsports adapters and ran 17x7 with 225/45R17's all the way around my 73 240Z. Using these adapters you can simply purchase rims designed for a Honda, which gives you a tremendous amount of selection. The same adapters (or something extremely similar) is what you get when you purchase some of the wheel packages available from MSA.


I belive you can get the same adapters from this source as well, but I'm having trouble getting to their web site now:


Sport Max has wider rims available in 4 lug patterns and I am in the process of installing 18x8.5 front and 18x9.5 rears on my car now. Id offer to sell you my 17" wheels, but shipping would be difficult. You can see the old and new wheels at the web site in my signature.

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