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S.A.E./DOT approval


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I have a quick question about some headlights that i recently purchased off of ebay. On the page it says that the headlights are S.A.E/DOT stamped but when i recieved them today i looked all over the headlights and found nothing. I know for a fact that it is usually stamped somewhere on the lens but they do not have ANY type of stamp anywhere. Which leaves me in a $108 hole. As you can imagine im very upset becuase it leaves the lights useless they wont pass inspection right?

At this point do i have the right to sue for false adverstisement?


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That guy is fast approaching 600 negatives and even more nuetrals. I wouldn't have purchased anything from him. He appears to sell a lot of junk to the ricer crowd who will slap anything on their cars regardless of fit or legality.

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Yes, I have and the customer service is very bad. The first time i called they said they would give me a refund if I return the item so I thinking to my self I have to pay to ship an item back to you that I cant use and that is illegal and then get only the cost I only get 35.65 back yea thats a complete rip off. I know I should have taken a lot better precausions when choosing to buy off ebay especially an item of this magnitude, but didnt think I'd get screwed over like this.

So I called again the same day and the guy said i will get a full refund(all $107) and he will send me a shipping label. Now I dont buy this one bit until I get that shipping label. Believe me I'm no ricer I just wanted something to replace the dirty old headlights that are currently on my car so ill have a complete make over after the stock spoiler upgrade and new paint. No insane graphics, uneeded sticker or extra larger aluminum spoilers here just a few touch ups.

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