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'72 Skyline on EBay

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those cars are so rare in the united states it would appear that if one was aiming to get their hands on one, they'd jump on it and go take a visit. this will send a clear message to the seller and build a trust relationship. as well, the seller may know how to get parts. and if a would-be buyer were to visit first, that would open a lot of possible doors as it is largely about who you know. as is basically anything.

the car seems fine, though. with typical old car issues. but for a classic i'd say it's worth checking out because those cars are getting only rarer. and i've heard of total pieces of rusted sh!t in japan, ie, the C10 series, selling for 15 grand. and this one pictured is in very good shape, it's already imported; so it's a contender.

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