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Pics of the booster in. some other pics too


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so, after i repainted the booster, the next logical step was to put it back on.


i know the firewall is still dirty, but i must have it out side to degrease it.

while i had the booster off i redid the paint on the frame rail. some moron spilled brake fluid every where.

the rail was just covered in very minor surface rust.

i spent about 3 hours to tape and remove what i could.( i still missed a spot, damnit) the green is a close match just with out the metallic flake. i didnt think was to bad for some crap bought at lowes.

i think this car sat here in ohio since 95. probably in a barn or carport. the frame only has some surface rust. and not much of it.

my original plan was to clean it up and do a quick sale.

but. trying to find a good gas tank takes awhile. so i started to clean it up so i could keep it. but i have to sell it after all. 7000.00 vet bill slapped me right in the face today.




and heres the coil i painted.



and look for her forsale soon.



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The booster looks good, Now that green you found...well....LOL. I wish I could get that car. I'm still working on it.

Seeing how it sat for so long did you have any problems with the engine smoking a lot?

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