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Dead Solenoid?


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So I was under the hood of my Z for the first time this season (the annual "fix the crap that went bad over the winter" session)... the agenda today included new heater hoses, so I drained everything and pulled off the return hose to the water pump... A burst of radiator fluid sloshed out and landed on the solenoid and starter below. I cautiously mopped it up and continued working...

I wrapped up and refilled everything, then went to start the car to make sure my handiwork was satisfactory.

... to my horrible dismay, all I got was "click!" ... and not a click from the engine bay either, but the click of a relay under the glove box.

I examined the voltometer, and noticed no drop in voltage, so I'm pretty sure that the solenoid's doing diddly squat.

... Is there anything else I should consider before I go and order a new starter/solenoid? (other than maybe rebuilding)... I'm really bummin', I was hoping to take the Z out this weekend. :(

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Might be just a simple case of a dislodged wire on the solenoid.

Do a visual and check that the spade terminal is connected.

To test, you can jumper the starter battery lead to the solenoid terminal which should operate and thus spin the starter [out of gear and handbrake ON :eek: ].

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