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New Bushings


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Returning to z cars after 22 yrs.

My son asked me to look at a 240sx last year with him for his first car.

It had a blown moter and was in very bad shape.

I showed him what a real 240z was on the computer ( thanks Google image )

and to make a long story short we flew from the great white north in Aug last year to SoCal and drove home his rust free 72 240z.

He has been saving and buying parts for the full suspension rebuilt, and last weekend we started the project. On Sunday the front end got new Bushings, Shockes, Springs, Rotors, Pads, and Calipers. Monday we tackled the rear with new Shoes, Shocks, Spings and Bushings. Removing the pin that conects the control arm to the strut assembly and removing the old bushings from the control arm proved to be the most difficalt of the whole process ( thank God for a 20 ton press )

My question is after we completed the job the back end squeaks like mad on any little bump! :disappoin Did we do something wrong or just over tighten the control arm bolts?

We are thankful for any help.


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When you replaced the bushings, did you use OEM rubber (original) or did you go with the Urethan bushings?

The reason I ask is squeeking with urethane is not that common but thats why the put a very small tube of sticky urethane lube in with the bushings. Use very little but make sure that you coat every part that comes in contact with metal, especially if its in the rear where the suspension tends to travel a bit.

If you installed Rubber, did you make sure that there was NO grease or residue on the metal parts that touch the rubber bushings? I have poli-urethane bushings in my 70'240 Z and I used the urethane lube so I've never had to deal with the "squeeking" problem.

Congrats on the purchase of a GREAT car and Thank you from all of us for helping preserve the classics. It's nice to see the "Father and Son" theme is still going strong.


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Have not been in a z car for years, also have not heard "not enough lube used"

(last time was in a z car anouther story not going to be share) in years.

We lubed the bushings that had to be put into the outer contol arms (for the spindle pin) but did not lube the bushings to the sleaves supplied or the carriers on the inner control arm.:ermm: Not a hard fix everything else went to smooth for a true teaching experiance. It trully helps to start with a well persurved rust free car.

Thanks for the help.


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1 quick way to find a squeek in the rear is to jack up the rear, put jack stands under the frame, remove one wheel and lift the whole assembly with a floor jack then let the jack down quickly while listening for the squeek, one side at a time. It may take a few tries to hunt it down.

Just a thought,

good luck Dave,


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