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75 L28 with P90 head


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I am looking for suggestions, advise and experiance on my next project. I have an L28 motor with flat top pistons balanced lower end and lightened flywheel. I don't kwow how much the flywheel was lightened but I don't think it was very much. I also have a mild Schyder cam to go with it. The motor is out of my 75 with fuel injection. The changes I want to make are ideas I have from reading the Geocities.com/zgarage web site. To start with I want to put one of my P90 heads on it. The P90 mod section talks about shaving .080 off the head which raise the compression to 10:1. Is this to much for the 91 octane sold at the pump. I believe it said that just putting a P90 on flat top pistons without shaving it would give 8:1. Also this motor has been bored to 3000cc. It isn't mentioned in the P90 mod section but if I shave the head won't I have to raise the cam .080? When it comes to the fuel system I get the impression he feels going with SU side draft is the best. My question is with what I have going should I switch to side draft or stay with fuel injection. My car is CA smog exempt so I can go ether way. I would like to know what you know.

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