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won't rev past 2250!


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Hey, everyone, I just got my first Z - a 1980 280zx. I'm very happy, even though it needs a lot of work. It ran great when I drove it home 2 days ago, and it seemed cold natured, but after it warmed up it was very smooth. Now, all of a sudden, it won't rev past 2250 rpm. When it hits 2250, it bogs down until the revs drop to about 1500, then back to normal. It does this in every gear, under load or not. I'm super frustrated and just looking for some input. I changed the fuel filter, revved it w/o an air cleaner, nothing helps. Any ideas? Thanks!

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First of all, Welcome to the club!

A question-did you happen to check the condition of the inside of your gas tank? Odds are that you've got some crud in there that is getting sucked into the system.

To get to your tank, here is what you do-

1. lift up the padding in the hatch area. You will see a circle with two screws. open it up.

2. now you will see the top of the tank, with three tubes and hoses, surrounded by 8 screws.

3. Carefully unscrew them (they are small and easy to drop). Unfasten the hoses, and disconnect the plastic wire connection thing.

4. Carefully pull the sending unit from the tank. Do this slowly, there are tubes and things going everywhere, it can be a pain.

5. Look inside, see all the rust.

If your tank is gunked up, odds are that that is the problem.

do a search on the site, and you will find lot's of information.



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