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Raw Gas Smell


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Hey folks,

I finally talked my neighboor into buying his first 240z. He just called me to come check on a strong gas smell in his garage and as I entered you could smell gas, almost like someone poured some on the garage floor. After we inspected the car the smell is coming from the engine compartment somewhere, we both are by no means mechanics and I suggested he take the car in on Monday. But I did notice some small drops on the floor, and was thinking could this be something as simple as a fuel line, etc.

Where could two "Novice" mechanics start troubleshooting this smell? Is there a recommended guide to follow? Any help would be appreaciated. His car is 73 model.



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First of all, congratulations on spreading Z word!

Now, down to business-

If I were in the garage with you, I would start by looking at the fuel line connnections (always start with the easiest thing). How old are the fuel lines? perhaps one has cracked (or ruptured).

I know nothing of carbs, so I'll not even hazard a guess, but I do remember a thread about a raw gas smell coming from the mechanical fuel pump w/faulty linkage, or some such.

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