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the quest for A/C in a 240Z


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Well I'm on a mission to "make" a 240Z A/C. I know that I can use the condenser, dryer, and compressor from a ZX so that stuff im not worried about. The problem comes with the evaporator, mostly because datsun didn't make one for the US 240Z. Here is what Im thinking, If i pull an evaporator from a sentra or civic or escort or some other kind of small vehical then I should be able to make an enclosure for the evaporator that I can fit behind the dash. I know that the 280z evaporator wont fit because the dash is a different size. I want to know the dementions of the evaporator in the picture (circled in red). I got the picture from one of the members on here (he posted it in another thread) it is suposedly the Japanies 240Z A/C schematics. so I just need to know the size of that evaporator. If no one knows then I will just have to take my dash out to measure before I go down to the junk yard and try to find something that will fit. Any previous experiance would be awesome!

P.S. I know about vintage air and I don't want to go that rout. overlay-round.gif

Thanks, Matt-

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My car has air. When I bought it it was in the car. Pretty much the system from the dealers in 1970. Google Z Car Source in Arizona and speak with Jeff Gordon. He has about 500 cars and will probably be able to hook you up with a nice complete original system.


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I noticed that the picture in my first post didn't show up so here it is again.


So does anyone know how big the evaporator in the picture is? (circled in red)

I'm trying to do it myself because I don't like the aftermarket a/c kits that were put on the 70-73 240's, and I don't want to spend 1k on A/C if I don't have to.

If I can get an evaporator that will fit behinde the dash from a honda or sentra or some small car that would be perfect.

I wan't my evaporator to come off the heater core so that the fan will blow through the evaporator instead of suck the air out like the old after market kits. Also I want to try to hide it behind the dash instead of having a big box on the passenger side.

Any suggestions would be great. Evaporator dementions would be better!!

Thanks guys!!!


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I bought a kit from a street rod supply company. Fits under the dash, out of sight. It includes a heat cycle and all the plumbing and ducts that I wanted.

Motorsport has the compressor bracket. I think motorsport also sells a kit, but when I bought mine the price was about $200 cheaper that MSA.

One othewr point. I had the orig. dealer installed unit in the car when I replaced it. THe first unit was not that eff. and this unit is 100x better.

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